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Beneath the Surface

Oak Creek Series - Book 2

He’s a star witness. She’s a mess. When violent crime and budding love collide, will passion find the road to recovery?

Ryan Collins’s famous photo shoots feel as superficial as his life. And the troubled young woman he’s just met has awakened a longing for a more permanent connection. But he must put his growing feelings for her aside, or his testimony in a high-stakes drug bust could render a death sentence for them both.

Emily Carmichael still struggles with the trauma of her abduction. And though she wants to be a part of Ryan’s life, her painful rehab doesn’t make her easy to be around. So when he confesses he’s been keeping dangerous secrets, her world shatters in the face of his lies.

As Ryan’s day in court looms closer, threats of violence escalate to include his distressed would-be girlfriend. And Emily dulls her anxieties with a numbing prescription of sleeping pills, unsure she’ll ever be happy again.

Can Ryan and Emily put their demons behind them and find love’s road together?

Beneath The Surface is the second book in the gripping Oak Creek romantic suspense series. If you like vividly drawn characters, bittersweet emotions, and small-town drama, then you’ll adore B.K. Stubblefield’s exhilarating story.

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